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Have You Reviewed Your Health Insurance Lately?

Find out more details at: www.FirstFleetBenefits.comWant to talk to someone about your Benefits? Benefits Help LineMon-Fri 9am-5pm EST/ 8am-4pm CST: 800-908-1796

FirstFleet's Latest and Greatest Health Benefits

Nurse Line: 1-800-818-8581 Teladoc has replaced Physician Now - Click here to get startedor call Teledoc: 808-352-2362Remember: Getting to Level 1 in Virgin Pulse save...

The Secrets of the Fuel Management Team

Join Elizabeth Wyndham as she interviews Deanne Smith, the Manager of Fuel Compliance.  Deanne gives us lots of great information about fuel at FirstFleet.  If you hav...

2022 Roundtable Review with FirstFleet Leaders

Join us and listen in with the leadership at FirstFleet as we hear all the ways we have grown as a company in 2022! This is an episode that you do not want to miss! ...

Wanna Change Your Benefits? Here's Your Chance!

Join E-liz as she interviews HR Director, Alisha Young. They talk through what we need to know about open enrollment season which starts this Saturday, October 1!

Connecting Thru Loss - Words of Wisdom from a Million Mile Driver

Join us as we interview T. Barton of NC and Sonya Freeman on our safety team about driving and making connections.

Health and Wellness on the Road? Grace Kniess shows us how!

Join Rebecca Wilson and Elizabeth Wyndham as they interview Grace Kneiss and hear her stories of how to stay healthy on the road.

Hot Tips from Some Million Mile Safe Drivers

Listen in as we talk with 3 Tennessee drivers on how they made it into the Million Mile driver club at FirstFleet. In this episode, we speak with Charles Smith, Dale ...

Wellness Wednesday: Sweet, Sweet Carbs

Join Mark and E-liz as they discuss the 3rd and final macro - Carbohydrates. They break down the best types of carbs and discuss how everyone is different. Call in a...

Wellness Wednesday: The Skinny on Fat

Join Mark and Eliz as they discuss some recent research into the nature of fat and watch as science proves your grandma was right all along.

Wellness Wednesday: Fueling Your Muscles

Join Mark and E-liz as they discuss the building blocks of life. They are discussing the key macro of Protein. Check out the full description below. Our Goal with the...

Wellness Wednesday: Introducing the "Macros"

Join Mark and Elizabeth as they kick off a new Wellness Wednesday series!

Talks with Trainers: Dallas Edition - Expect the Unexpected

Join Elizabeth Wyndham as she interviews 2 Driver Trainers: Brandon Burns and Jeremy Schroppel

Wellness Wednesday 16: Financial Freedom

Join Mark and Eliz as they discuss being financially wise in this tough economic time. Favorite Driver Trainer Quote: A plan without action is wasted thought, bu...

Talks with Trainers: Charlotte Wellness Discussion

Listen in as James Mcintosh and Roger Poulin talk health and wellness with finances as well as physical health.

Talks with Trainers - Charlotte Edition

Listen in as we hear from 4 FirstFleet driver trainers that came to our Driver Trainer Conference in Charlotte last week. Elizabeth interviewed Patrick Mercer & Steve...

Wellness Wednesday 14: Bits and Pieces

Join Mark and Elizabeth as they discuss a bunch of their best wellness tips.

Wellness Wednesday 13: Be a Goldfish

Call us today and tell us what you are most grateful for: 615-257-9905 and leave a short audio message. You can also email a message or send a video to us at podcast@...

Winter Driving Tips: A Southerner Learns about Winter Driving

Come laugh with Elizabeth Wyndham as she learns some great winter driving tips from Safety Director, John Cole. If you have a winter safety tip that you would like t...

2021 - The Year In Review

Join hosts Rebecca Wilson & Elizabeth Wyndham as they talk with FirstFleet President, Daniel Piper on all that has happened at FirstFleet in 2021.

OH my achy back!!

Join Mark McKnight and Elizabeth Wyndham as they discuss the Truck Giveaway, Hold for the Holidays, back trouble, & Mark's magic tennis ball. If you want to join in t...

Referral Bonus and Truck Giveaway!

Join Elizabeth Wyndham as she interviews Director of Recruiting, Ken Scrimale to find out how to earn some big money or a chance to win a brand new truck! Find out mo...

Wellness Wednesday 12: Hold for the Holidays & using our Pulse Cash

Join Elizabeth Wyndham as she discusses wellness and the holidays with two members of our HR team: Alisha Young and David Olascoaga Are you going to join us in the ch...

Wellness Wednesday 11: Strength Training and Virgin Pulse

Join Mark McKnight and Elizabeth Wyndham as they discuss deer hunting, getting stronger, and using that sweet pulse cash.

Fall Safety Discussion with Kevin Steele and Ron Crow

Join Elizabeth Wyndham as she speaks with 2 of our regional safety managers, Ron Crow and Kevin Steele, as we discuss some key issues facing our company right now. Le...

Workday and Open Enrollment Discussion

Join Mark McKnight, Austin Henderson & Alisha Young as they discuss recent company changes and our Benefit Open Enrollment season that begins this Friday, October 1!

Recruiting and Freight Volume Update

Your host, Elizabeth Wyndham, is interviewing Ken Scrimale (Director of Recruiting) and Jay Olejniczak (Director of Brokerage & Logistics) to discuss the state of US T...

Let's Talk Tires

Join Elizabeth Wyndham, John Cole (Safety Director), & Allan Caldwell (Maintenance Director) as they talk about tires. Listen to their tips and tricks and hear some o...

FirstFleet's Safety Symposium - Driver Tips Part 2

In honor of Operation Safe Driver week, July 11-17, we asked FirstFleet drivers to call in with their best safety tips. Listen to part two of our Safety Symposium to...

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